Andy Cox has made some fabulous mbiras for me over the years, but this one is particularly special. It has 26 extra firm keys in a stunning mirror finish and a deep, rich sound. Being a visual artist, Andy enhanced the look of this wonderful instrument with some impressive artwork.

A. Cox Nyamaropa mbira - front view

A. Cox Nyamaropa mbira – front view

The famous “Bird of Zimbabwe” (the fish eagle; national emblem of Zimbabwe, appearing on flags, coats of arms, and currency) is etched into the UL3 key (located on the top left rank, 3rd key from the middle).

Zimbabwe bird detail

Zimbabwe bird detail

A spider monkey dashes accross the bottom rim of the finger hole.

Monkey finger hole detail

Monkey finger hole detail

Finally, an intricate carving graces the back of the soundboard. Two elephants stroll through the deep forest vegetation.

Andy Cox Nyamaropa mbira - back view

A. Cox Nyamaropa mbira – back view

As wonderful as this instrument is to look at, it sounds even better. Andy no longer builds mbira due to physical limitations, so this “Stradivarius” of mbiras is a lasting testament to his artistic work.

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  1. ohad October 3, 2016 at 8:07 pm #

    How do u contact andy cox?