The MbiraTab series of four volumes of mbira transcriptions in tablature notation are up on the Bachovich website ( I’ve prepared preview videos for each of the four volumes so folks can hear what each tune sounds like. Volumes 1 – 3 are for instruments in nyamaropa tuning (Mixolydian mode). Volume 4 is in gandanga tuning (Phrygian mode). Accompanying recordings for volumes 1-3 are done on an instrument pitched in B. Volume 4 recorded examples are in Bb gandanga tuning.

Bachovich Mbiratab 1 COVER

Volume 1 features Baya Wabaya, Kariga Mombe YeKare, Nyamamusango, and Shumba.

Bachovich Mbiratab 2 COVERVolume 2 has transcriptions for Hangaiwa, Shumba, Chipindura, and Bukatiende.


 Bachovich Mbiratab 3 COVER

Volume 3 includes Chakwi I, Nyuchi, Chakwi II (Ephat Mujuru version), and Dangurangu (Ephat’s version in nyamaropa tuning)


Bachovich Mbiratab 4 COVERVolume 4 includes four tunes most closely associated with gandanga tuning: Marenje, Dangurangu, Mbavarira, and Vasina Katura.

These are great resources for delving into new repertoire for mbira. My students at Winthrop University have been learning some of these tunes and many have performed them on recitals! It’s great to share this wonderfully deep music.



3 Responses to “MbiraTab Series”

  1. Patience Musandirire April 9, 2013 at 10:23 am #

    So amazing how you have put this up together, what an inspiration for many of us Zimabaweans and others who play this insrtument so well but are still legging behind on the fundamentals of producing the write ups for the songs we compose: Its also very vital for music preservation purposes. I would really want to learn more on that aspect. Thanks for coming up with this great resource base for many mbira players. The videos are very good the reprtoire is so deep and supports African music as the intangible resonance in which the human body and soul are composed: Would really love to learn more on this:

  2. Chinchi March 2, 2015 at 9:57 am #

    Keep up the good work…..”Nhai Mhofu munogumbukeiko,shumba inhonhuwa sora” My totem is Eland…. One love Mr Will